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For a non-sports fan like me, the most exciting part of watching the Super Bowl is always the halftime show. When thinking about my favorite halftime shows throughout the years, I started to wonder when and how they became such a fundamental part of American culture. This led me down a rabbit hole of watching every Super Bowl halftime show available on the internet. I believe I have now earned at least a PHD in halftimes. Here is what I have learned.

The very first Super Bowl took place on January 15th, 1967, with a halftime…

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The 41st Academy Awards in 1969 broke the mold for multiple reasons. One unprecedented change was that the show was set to be broadcast world-wide, in thirty-seven nations for the first time ever. This meant expanding the production to Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of the Los Angeles Music Center. It also meant that Streisand’s outfit would be seen live by masses of people, which certainly contributed to the explosive amount of attention it received. There was no host for the awards show that evening, which had…

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began last year, women have been disproportionately affected by its impact. Not only do a high number of women work in essential sectors such as healthcare, retail, and childcare, they are also bearing the brunt of having to make the life-changing choice of leaving the workforce to care for their own children. Many of these industries are also some of the hardest hit from the impact of the pandemic, and as businesses shutter, women are being laid off in masses compared to men. Even those lucky enough to be able to work from home are being…

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Michelle Obama’s beautiful, dainty yellow-gold VOTE necklace was front and center during her powerful speech for the electric opening night of the Democratic National Convention on August 17, 2018. This statement piece was the first thing I noticed when she appeared and I absolutely loved it. This necklace comes from BYCHARI.COM (a black owned business) which was established in 2012 by designer and creative director Chari Cuthbert. In a recent interview with Mahita Gajanan for Time magazine Cuthbert stated “One of the most important things right now…

I am ecstatic that so many people who have not yet had the chance to experience the magic of seeing Hamilton live in the theatre are about to be able to enjoy the entire musical from the comfort of their quarantine. The Hamilton movie was originally set to hit theatres on Oct 15, 2021, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic it is now going to be streamed on Disney+, for all of the world to have Hamilgasms on July 3, 2020. This is basically the only good thing to happen so far as a result of Covid-19.

Hamilton is…

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Eva Perón began to embrace the Christian Dior ‘New Look’ after her 1947 European “Rainbow Tour.” In effort to transition from her actress persona to First Lady she adopted her signature low chignon, blazing red lipstick and began to acquire Parisian couture. Her favorite designers were Christian Dior and Jacques Fath. Both Dior and Fath kept a dress form in their ateliers with her exact measurements so that they could be ready to work on new custom designs at a moments notice.

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Purely decorative, non-protective, pandemic couture. The masks in my Uncoverings Project will not protect you and are not for sale. Like all good fashion they are not functional.

During the Covid-19 crisis, I became fascinated with the rage that surrounded face coverings infiltrating America for the first time. While they are very normal in Asian cultures, many Americans resisted the idea and took offense to something that could lower transmission rates and save lives, creating a new battle in our ongoing culture war. The aversion to such a simple protective covering seems to be…

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This fuchsia, sequin button up shirt was owned by “Tiger King” Joe Exotic and worn by him in the Netflix smash hit true crime Docuseries. You’ll see it appear very briefly at 38 minutes into into Episode 2.

This shirt and several others were originally sold by Exotic’s former business partner Jeff Lowe who advertised their sale on the Greater Wynnewood Zoo Facebook page stating “Who wants to own a personally owned Joe Exotic shirt?! Get them while there are limit supplies.”

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Today Queen Elizabeth II delivered a rare special televised message regarding the Covid-19 crises. Aside from her Christmas message, it is extremely rare for the monarch to make a special address. The only other instances include at the time of the Gulf war in 1991, on the eve of the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales, in 1997, on the death of the Queen Mother in 2002, and on the occasion of her diamond jubilee in 2012.

Watch the message here starting at 27:25

The bold color choice of the…

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Bird beak masks were a part of the earliest iteration of a hazmat suit. They were designed in 1619 and worn by doctors in the 17th century to protect themselves while treating patients with the plague.These striking, eerie masks had round glass eye openings and fastened with straps that helped hold the six inch beak area over the doctor’s nose.

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